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I'm a Toronto-based designer and writer.

While studying graphic design in school, I quickly went from bookworm to type nerd. An obsession with the history of typography and the printed word brought me to a career in branding and design. With six years of experience working for both large-scale corporate clients and grassroots nonprofits, my design work has been featured in HOW Magazine, RGD's Social Good Design Awards and the Redgees. I'm always open for freelance design and branding work, so if you're interested in partnering on a project, let me know!

But even with my eyes glued to the screen designing websites and logos and everything in between, books never truly left me alone. I published my first poetry collection, birds in aquariums, in 2018 with a fantasy novel in the works for 2019.

If I'm not writing or designing, I'm probably at a concert, camping, making collages or cooking something vegan.