Hollywood Film Awards

While working at Riordon Design, I've had the chance to work on some truly unique projects – but the one that takes the cake is designing a physical award for Oscars runner-up the Hollywood Film Awards. Even though the client didn't end up using our proposals (for timeline and production realities), it still makes a great portfolio piece, right?

One of the most iconic visuals from the classic Hollywood era is the vintage film countdown. There's the shaking film, the dust and scratches, the spinning line – one can almost hear the projector hum and know they're about to watch something classic.

The countdown also applies to the Hollywood Film Awards – "the first stop of awards season", setting the pace and leading the countdown towards the Oscars.

Using the countdown as my visual base, I also incorporated elements from the classic film studio spotlight. I saw a similar overall structure as well as the same interweaving linear shapes. The countdown itself is represented as a three-dimensional object, a smooth, frosted glass sphere with gold etching and cut-outs. It's held like a spotlight, over its base within a circular support. The base is made of white marble to enhance the "classic Hollywood" aesthetic.

Along with the award itself, I also created a website we used to present our work to the client, where you can see the other concepts.